• 4. Brigitte

    Brigitte - "We're beautiful when we feel good in our own skin. I'm 4'9 and I feel great about it."

  • 10. Eunice

    Eunice - "No one is ugly. Everyone has something beautiful about them."

  • 16. Joséphine

    Joséphine - "My front teeth are exaggeratedly bigger than the others."

  • 17. Junior

    Junior - "My nose is probably the only thing I don't like about myself."

  • 20. Maïmouna

    Maïmouna - "Beauty is what makes us special."

  • 21. Mariama

    Mariama - "There are two definitions of beauty: diversity and me."

  • 23. Melis

    Melis - "I don't like my skin, my nose or my teeth. I never get out of the house without makeup."

  • 26. Rania E.

    Rania E. - "It's all about what we carry inside."

  • 37. Zuhaib

    Zuhaib - "Beauty is different to every one of us. It's just our way to perceive things."

  • 35. Xhulia

    Xhulia - "Beauty isn't about your looks. I prefer inner beauty."

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